Smart Home Industry Application Cases

March 9, 2023
Latest company case about Smart Home Industry Application Cases

The needs of the smart home industry:
With the development of the smart home industry, people have higher and higher requirements for home furnishing, from the original most basic safety performance to comfort, aesthetics, and sense of technology, etc.

Nowadays most smart home products realize human-machine interaction (HMI) through a display screen.
Smart home displays are widely used in villas, residential hotels, commercial centers, office commercial centers, etc.

Its functional performance is: scene control, which can realize intelligent control of all equipment in the home, including video, home appliances, curtains, lights, gardens, garages, etc.
Hongguang Display provides solutions:
Hongguang Display has customized and developed various TFT LCD screens suitable for different application scenarios for smart homes.
It can realize capacitive touch, detect coordinates by sensing human body static electricity, and can realize multi-touch.

Capacitive touch technology provides a much clearer display than the plastic films typically used in resistive touch, with much higher light transmission.