Military drone operating handle terminal industry application

March 22, 2023
Latest company case about Military drone operating handle terminal industry application

Military drone industry


With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the continuous upgrading of technical means, informatization will play a more important role in warfare.


By analyzing the characteristics of several local wars in the past ten years, it can be clearly found that information elements have penetrated into all aspects of war.


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has a wide range of uses and obvious advantages


UAV is one of the most important fields of unmanned operation. Future unmanned combat aircraft will not only fight alongside manned combat aircraft on the battlefield, but may even completely replace manned combat aircraft as the main equipment for future air operations under certain conditions.


It can not only perform tasks such as aerial reconnaissance, battlefield surveillance, battle damage assessment, but also perform tasks such as suppressing enemy air defense systems, ground attacks, and air operations.


The UAV completes data transmission through the module's own transceiver method.


At the same time, the transmission protocol manufacturer of the communication module has established, and then the received data is displayed on the TFT LCD screen to achieve real-time data collection. The terminal has good real-time performance and accuracy after testing the flight state of the man-machine.




Hongguang Display specializes in developing customized 6.4 inch display touch screens (HG064XG003) for military drone operating handle industry terminals.


TFT LCD is a relatively small size in the industry. It provide high resolution, with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels, reaching the quality level of military industry.


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