Handheld Terminal Industry Customization Case

November 21, 2022
Latest company case about Handheld Terminal Industry Customization Case

Handheld terminals, also known as information collection terminals.

It widely used in logistics, catering, insurance, police, government affairs and many other industries. They are mainly used for data collection and information circulation.

The LCD screen is an important part of the handheld terminal, which is used for background operation and data collection. Due to the particularity of the industry, the handheld terminal industry has high requirements for LCD screens, which need to meet the IP67 industry standard.

Hongguang display solutions for handheld terminals:

The 4.7-inch display HG047HD016 is equipped with Android 6.0 system, which is more operable.


  • High sensitivity

It easy to hold and carry, 4.7 inch 720 * 1280 with industrial capacitive touch screen, supporting multi-point touch.


  • IP67 standard

It is designed to meet the stringent working environment requirements of enterprise users, and can withstand multiple drops from 1.5 meters to the cement floor.


  • High resolution

It can easily collect various kinds of image and video information, with high brightness, fast response speed, accurate screen positioning and no drift.


  • Better adapt to harsh environments

It can be adapted to various industries and markets, and it has professional scanning performance.
At the same time, it supports gloves, wet and dry hand touch, and adapts to the operation requirements of mobile applications.

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Figure 1. 4.66 Inch RGB Interface 720x1280 TFT Display For Handheld Devices