Application Cases of Medical Device Terminal Industry

November 21, 2022
Latest company case about Application Cases of Medical Device Terminal Industry

The medical health IoT (Internet of Things) is an important application field of the IoT technology in the medical industry.


With the popularization of the IoT technology and the full integration and application of 5G, cloud computing, big data, RFID, BLE and other technologies, the medical IoT is increasingly showing strong influence and productivity.


In the past, medical devices with monitors were usually bulky, with many scales and buttons. A machine with buttons and knots provides a breeding space for harmful pathogens, because it is more difficult to clean than a modern machine with a flat touch screen interface.


Now using TFT LCD touch screen on medical equipment is not only convenient for disinfection, but also saves a lot of front panel space that can be used to display important medical information.


Due to the particularity of the medical industry, there are strict requirements on the vibration and shock resistance, reliability and stability, response and brightness uniformity, resolution and brightness of TFT LCD displays.


Hongguang Display customized and developed a touch screen HG097XG006T01 based on these specific requirements, which can help medical staff get rid of the bondage of mouse and keyboard, and operate medical equipment with hands or gloved hands.


The features of this HG097XG006T01 display are as follows:

  • High resolution
  • Full view angles
  • Low energy consumption
  • Simple operation
  • High contrast
  • Fast response

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Figure 1. 9.7-inch IPS Touch Screnn for medical device